WASTE SERVICE_kolkata, 2013



WASTE SERVICE dinnerware involves collection of porcelain that is no longer in use. The pattern has been developed from the idea to do an action that doesn’t belongs to the rational of life “just to waste time” in a combination with references to the Royal Copenhagen porcelain called Blue Fluted Plain dinnerware in blue ultramarine.

Waste is about our danish daily life use-throw-away culture sparking a consideration of how we interact with our environment and with simple means exemplifying how we can reshape it to give it new value – from plates to homes to whole cities.

WASTE SERVICE_kolkata is a new collection of dinnerware. Porcelain that are no longer in use in the suburb of Herlev, DK are collected and decorated by Anja Franke with the blue pattern WASTE TIME. After decoration it has been burned in the owen. Decorated and non-decorated porcelain is transported as hand luggage by airplane to Kolkata, India. The decorated WASTE SERVICE will be a part of the installation STREETKITCHEN_kolkata project arranged by arkitekt GitteJuul: http://cargocollective.com/STREETKITCHEN_Kolka

In Kolkata the porcelain will be installed in the Palki.
Here people can freely use the porcelain, and at the same time participate in painting the unpainted porcelain.
All the porcelain decorated in Kolkata will be returned by airplane to Herlev, Denmark.

The new WASTE SERVICE_ kolkata dinnerware 2013. Decorated by people from the street in collaboration with STREETKITCHEN_Kolkata.

WASTE SERVICE was also used for drinking chai and the porcelain got spread around, since people were painting in the sweet shop, a group of men were eating cakes from the plates further down the street and the street vendor insisted on cleaning the porcelain after use. People who had been painting, were invited to choose a cup or a plate to bring home.

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