alt_cph11 Encounters



Copenhagen’s alternative art fair for artist-run spaces and organisations will take place at
The Factory of Art and Design
16-18 September 2011

Opening Friday 16-22

Independent exhibition spaces and self-organised organisations often operate as exchanging networks and interactive entities rather than established rooms – and leave the gallery. The fair will present initiatives concerned with the intersection of art, design and architecture spanning over participatory, location- and situation-specific projects. Alt_cph11 Encounters will focus on public space and the activity of the individual in the local environment in relation to the global.
The program will include presentations by all participants, projects and activities in the local environment around The Factory as well as debates and events questioning the relationship between space and action, art and life.

For further information, please contact us.
Curators :
Instant HERLEV institute

Anja Franke (director) & Marie Bruun Yde (communicator)

The Factory of Art and Design
Sundholmsvej 46
2300 Copenhagen S