Anja Franke shows TAPETE DE JARGA at the exhibition ” Oficios comunes: Metabolismo urbano the saberes ” in collaboration with architect Giacomo Castagnola, Casa Vecina, Mexico City, 2014.


Anja Franke show particular interest to cotton textile produced and known in Mexico as Jargo, the woven fabric is used for dishrag and cleaning. The material is essentially thick cotton produced in different colors with simple striped patterns. It is very common to find a jargon on the floor at the entrance of a shop or a house, so visitors can wipe his dirty shoes.

For the Danish artist this object and its location represent an “edge” a transitional between the public (sidewalk) and private or “semi- public space”. Franke has also shared her interest in crochet in the company of Mexican women who several times a week meet at the public space on a bench in Mexico City to crochet together. Franke crochet so the Jargo cotton materiel into a large platform lying on the floor. The women acquire spot in town as their by sitting together and crochet, a mental state where time playing in the interaction with her ​​crochet, also the visitor to the exhibition can lei down on TAPETE THE JARGO and acquire the site and waste time.

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