BORDERLAND by Anja Franke – Exhibition space for InstantHERLEV institute, Krøyers Plads, August 2011.

Exhibition open all day September 2011 – August 2012

BORDERLAND is a landscape installation. The original garden gate from Anja Franke´s private Garden and InstantHERLEV institute is reinstalled at Krøyers Plads in a garden fence. Together they form a landscape and a bench framing an empty blue space inside.

The blue colour relates to the traditional Danish kitchen and the sky. The empty space is open and to fill in with your own imagination. BORDERLAND is the first art project in an exhibition process running over one year.

Springing from the Copenhagen suburb of Herlev, InstantHERLEV institute is a mobile unit organising interchanging exhibitions in Anja Franke’s private garden in Herlev and elsewhere. It has now temporarily moved out of its daily surroundings to Køyers Plads to collaborate with the artist group N55.