Performance: Alex – Act Three (Draft) by Learning Site, 2014.

Performance: Alex – Act Three (Draft), 2014, by Learning Site (Rikke Luther and Cecilia Wendt).

Hyde Park, Alex – Act Three, 2014. Image courtesy of Learning Site.

We are pleased to invite you to a special program and dinner organized as part of the exhibition By Invitation Only by curator Lucía Sanromán

with IHi’s Anja Franke.

Premiere of an installation and one-night-only permance of Alex – Act Three (Draft) by Learning Site (Rikke Luther and Cecilia Wendt) in collaboration with Jaime Stapleton and Lennox Raphael.

Following the performance, at 18.00 pm dinner will be served.

01Curator Lucia Sanromán from Mexico City cooking dinner for the artist and the performance guest.

02 Alex – Act Three (Draft) is an elaboration of Learning Site’s project for the Reykjavik Arts Festival in 2012. For that exhibition Learning Site asked Jaime Stapleton to write a one-act play exploring the financial crisis of 2008. Titled Everyday Everywhere, the play was written for Nordic House and included a series of posters mapping various building sites around the city left derelict following the 2008 financial crash. Learning Site’s installation and performance for By Invitation Only presents the first draft of a ‘third act’ for this extended project. Jaime Stapleton has created a new scene fragment featuring the central character Alex. The fragment presented at IHi, Alex – Act Three (Draft), introduces a new character Jed, a financial speculator. The sometimes uncomfortable dialogue between Alex and Jed centers on issues of immigration, racism, population, climate change, economics, security, and political philosophy. Renowned performance poet Lennox Raphael will read these fragments as part of the exhibition By Invitation Only. In the tradition of the BBC radio soap opera The Archers–which distributes practical information to farmers in fictional form–, the characters and plot directionin Alex are fictional, but the text contains factual information based on academic research and recent political events.


Lennox Raphael and Jamie Stableton.

Lennox Raphael is at work on Naipaul’s Country, a novel of human transformation. His first play, Che!, using sex as political metaphor, presents Che Guevara as a hero made the object of sexually-motivated envy by his enemies, including the President of the USA. It ran in New York for 13 months. A former staff writer for Manhattan’s East Village Other (EVO), he has been published in Evergreen Review and Atlantic Monthly (cover-story interview with Ralph Ellison). His essay on the Haitian earthquake ( was nominated as best online essay in the United States (2010-2011). Lennox has worked extensively with Teachers & Writers’ Collaborative in New York, and, in 1971-1972, with 14 schools in Delaware. He is featured in Winter Tales: Men Write About Aging (Serving House Books, 2011), with Robert Gover, Norman Mailer, Mario Vargas Llosa & others. Presently he is curator, with Jesper Dalmose, of the BERLIN SOUP festival (

Jaime Stapleton has worked with Learning Site on a number of projects writing both academic texts and fiction. Longer ago than he cares to admit, he studied creative writing under the English novelist Jim Crace. He has worked variously for intergovernmental agencies, governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations, and in various academic institutions. His doctoral thesis “Art, Intellectual Property and the Knowledge Economy” (2003) can be downloaded from A new monograph, Vision in Copyright: The Political Economy of Composition, should be published by Ashgate in 2015 (if he gets his act together).

04Lennox Raphael.

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Performance guest and artist having dinner and eating Mexican Mole and Danish Apple pie with macaroons and cream at IHi-InstantHERLEV institute 10th anniversary dessert plates..



2014-03-14 14.50.13IHi-InstantHERLEV institute 10th anniversary dessert plates, 2004 -2014.