Anja Franke – TEA WITH A VIEW

Exhibition open all day September 2011 – August 2012

The exhibition has come into being through a cooperation between Gilleleje Museum,  Sculpturer Anja Franke/IHI and “Arthouse without Walls”. Helle Nanny Project Leader.

PRIVATE PUBLIC Set-Up InstantHerlev institute demonstrates art projects outside the garden. First exhibition is called: Tea With a View and can be seen by the Cliffside to the left of Nakkehoved Lighthouse, Gilleleje in Denmark.

TEA WITH A VIEW is a public sculpture placed in the open landscape. The construction is a frame where people can sit down, take a break and fill the empty space and the open view with individual thoughts, dreams and imaginations. And at the same time have a cup of tea made of water heated by sun energy.

Inside the frame teacups are hanging. The teacups have been collected, painted with a new abstract blue pattern and reused. The pattern refers to classical Danish blue-fluted china. The cups are part of a whole china collection called WASTE SERVICE.

TEA WITH A VIEW highlights the fact that the viewer can’t stand outside and watch the landscape or the aesthetic space, but is part of both with body and mind. The individual gives meaning to public space and has influence on the environment through her actions.

Quotation from the speech given at the opening of the exhibition: TEA WITH A VIEW, written by Marianne Bech, formerly Museums director at the Contemporary Art Museum in Roskilde.

when I sat up here in the sunshine and contemplated the view of the sea, I thought: How interesting it would be to listen to the thoughts going through the heads of people using this work of art during the next period of weeks: philosophical thoughts about life and death; considerations of the value and geopolitical effects of the recycled cups and solar heated water, which all indicate that we have a new kind of freedom if we take the opportunity to use the sun and other alternative forms of energy. Thoughts about the individual creating meaning in public space and having influence on the environment with its actions.