Anne Romme, Lene Sloth, Ion Sørvin, Anja Franke – One City Campaign, Exhibition at Krøyers Plads, Copenhagen June, 2011.

The land which is now occupied by one-family houses in the suburbia surrounding all Western cities was once farming land for the production of food for the city. Every day food from the surrounding farmland was transported into the city and sold at fresh food markets. As the building of the suburbs pushed farming land further and further away from the city, our food production has gradually become increasingly industrialized. Today the connection between the land of the suburbs and the dinner table of the city as almost disappeared.

ONE CITY CAMPAIGN is a collaboration between InstantHERLEV Institute (based in the Copenhagen suburb of Herlev, founded by Anja Franke), N55 (based in Christianshavn, central Copenhagen, run by Ion Sørvin) and Anne Romme.

The project aims a reestablishing a direct, fruitful connection between the city and the suburb.

On a beautiful late summer evening at Krøyers Plads, Christianshavn.

Music by Vits Johnson and Sputnik mobile launch platform by Copenhagen Suborbitals.

Documentation and communication of the project is supported by the Danish Arts Council