Anja Franke – InstantHERLEV institute / Krøyers Plads, May 2012.

Tea bar and tea servede from TEA WITH A VIEW on WASTE SERVICE tea set.

WASTE SERVICE involves the collection of porcelain that is no longer in use and the process of it becoming new dinnerware and tea set. Throughout January Christianshavn residents have handed over their personal discarded porcelain behind the fence on Krøyers Plads. Subsequently, Anja Franke has painted it with a new pattern call WASTE TIME and baked it in order to finally exhibit it as a part of a new dinner and tea set. The pattern has been developed with reference to the typical Danish kitchen blue colour, Danish, blue fluted porcelain – and waste.

WASTE SERVICE is about our daily use-and-throw-away culture sparking a consideration of how we interact with our environment and with simple means exemplifying how we can reshape it to give it new value – from plates to homes to the whole city.