WASTE SERVICE TEA BAR, event at exhibition EXTREME CRAFT, Berlin, 2012.

Freies Museum Berlin, Postdamerstr.91. August 4 – 31, 2012.
Info: www.freies-miuseum.com, www.extremecrafts.de, info@extremecrafts.de
Anja Frankeʼs migrated recycled porcelain tells how things can travel in space and time to extend their lives and functions. From 12 – 18 Saturday and Sunday 4 – 5 August 2012, people can bring old porcelain to the WASTE SERVICE TEA BAR and learn to decorate the porcelain with the blue pattern WASTE TIME.
“You can bring old china to the WASTE SERVICES TEA BAR, you can paint WASTE TIME pattern on. I teach how to paint on porcelain. We also have old china with which you can paint on and that will become part of porcelain WASTE SERVICE dinnerwere and will stay with us. There will be served tea to the audience in WASTE SERVICE tea set. This Tea Set is assembled and painted in Copenhagen”.
WASTE SERVICE involves collection of porcelain that is no longer in use or needs to be changed and have another design in use and the process of it becoming new dinnerware. The pattern has been developed from the idea to do an action that doesn’t belongs to the rational of life “just to waste time” in a combination with references to the typical Danish kitchen blue color, Danish blue fluted porcelain – and waste. Waste is about our daily use- throw-away culture sparking a consideration of how we interact with our environment and with simple means exemplifying how we can reshape it to give it new value – from plates to homes to whole cities.