ANIMALS DO IT: RECYCLE film by Lisa Strømbeck
Exhibition period: 24 September – 4 November.
Opening times: Wedensday and Thursday 16 – 21 and Weekend 13 – 21
Adress: Byskovvej 28, 2730 Herlev, Denmark.

The exhibition is taking place in Anja Frankeʼs home, a semi detached house in an urban neighbourhood which since
2004 has been used as a public exhibtion space. The exhibition consists of a film made by artist Lisa Strømbeck, in which she shows a dog trained to sort
garbage. Exhibition: ANIMALS DO IT: RECYCLE, is about powerful relationships and communication within joint
activities that take place in semi public places such as suburban areas. The focus on garbage and dogs, questions if art can change our common relationship to the local and global environment, in our daily lives?

IHi investigates if in the future, a tradition for Site Specific art can be created, changing the way an art
audience and citizens use a residential neighbourhood. Garbage and dogs are generally objects that conversations evolve from, creating a social relationship within suburban neighbourhoods. IHi asks
questions about how day to day activities and power relations in a Danish neighbourhood can create artistic meaning and thus establish another form for dialog within a neighbourhoods daily conversations? ANIMALS DO IT: RECYCLE, shows how media art and site specific art can unite and create artistic intimacy, meaning and a new tradition in a completely normal suburban neighbourhood. Where both an art public, neighbours and citizens from the area can interact and use the private garden as a public exhibition space.