The exhibition may be visited from august the18of august to the 29 of September 2013 every day between hours 10-19. Aldershvilevej 128, 2880 Bagsværd



From 2011 IHi-InstantHERLEVinstitute has been moving around for a while. Now, it has settled down again, however, this time in a garden in suburban Bagsværd where we plan a series of exhibitions. The exhibitions are named suburbSATELLITE_. Anja Franke, visual artist and director of IHj has worked together with visual artist Ida Ferdinand to produce the exhibition in a garden in Bagsværd, where Ida Ferdinand also has her private home.


22SATELLITE Extreme Tan Institute by Lise Nørholm

10 present day artists have here created site-related works engaging in a dialogue with this specific garden, its meaning and architecture. The idea is to relate the individual work to this particular place and at the same time find a place for it in terms of a representation of contemporary notions and images of cultivated and domesticated nature. The garden grows and dies, and precisely this factual and magic cycle creates a basis for the exhibition’s individual works. With suburbSATELLITE_bagsværd we produce a private world in a private garden and make it accessible to neighbors, to lovers of art and to the public in general.


28SATELLITE Rapstapet by Ida F. Ferdinand

26SATELLITE Svend Danielsen

30SATELLITEColour Structured Site no. 1 by Malene Bach

19SATELLITE Tiger on Gardentabel by Stig Brøgger

05SATELLITE Garden arrangement by Camilla Nørgaard

06SATELLITE Jon Erik Nyholm


09SATELLITE Nicolef by  Aurélie Salavert  (France)

Artists on show are Malene Bach, Stig Brøgger, Svend Danielsen, Ida F. Ferdinand, Anja Franke, Leif Kath, Jon Erik Nyholm, Camilla Nørgaard, Lise Nørholm, Aurélie Salavert (France).

On a small suburban side street close to supermarket Fakta, Irma and a Tube-station in middle class Copenhagen stands and old house. If you push back the gate you enter a large, sprawling garden projected in long lines, separate spaces, small secret footpaths, a tiny grove, hazel-hedges and a number of different fruit trees. That is how it was originally planned by Svend Hansen, the garden architect who created it. The idea was to make a long-life garden, he said, a motto of his. More than 70 years later we can see that what he did was able to resist the change of time. The garden has maintained its original ground-plan and the separate spaces create gardens in gardens

The ground plan was designed by Steno Bill, brother to Ejnar Bille. Bille and his circle of artist friends would visit the garden during the war where they might enjoy vegetable meals and fruits at a time when there was a shortage of food. Steno Bille bought a number of works by Jorn, Mortensen and by Bille, of course. The house was full of these paintings when Ida Ferdinand moved in with her family and transformed the henhouse to a studio.

The place has a history, and much of it may still be seen in the garden. Some objects have vanished, but they have left invisible traces of their previous presence. They are part of the atmosphere. With the exhibition suburbSATELLITE_bagsværd we add new layers of meaning to the place. We open the gate and invite people to step inside.