SECRET GARDEN, Gl. Holtegaard


Exhibition Secret Garden 2, Gl. Holtegaard, Holte, Denmark. 17 may – 27 october, 2013.

by Anja Franke_IHi- artproject.

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The artwork WASTE SERVICE  is all about waste, whether that is discarded and thrown away, and a waste of time, your time and my time. For example, a waste of the time we as individuals squandering when we do not produce anything and instead included in an immaterial, non functional and illogical fallen across a state we all know. And the things from our home, we can no longer use, throw out, treasurer and repels. And how many different people because of wasting time and items that can help to create a common dinnerware. Each object, which is included in the table frame, is made of a single person, and thus creates the diversity of an immediately higher overall pattern structure. When the display case is filled with porcelain, this piece of art is declared to be complete.

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